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Brits Ready The Ultimate Re-Cycle Scheme

Since the Great Recession started in 2008 the Brits have been at the leading edge of economic engineering. For a while it looked like Gordon Brown was going to get a Nobel Prize in economics, but he peaked too soon.

No matter, there’s a second chance for Gordon and it looks promising.  In that popular phrase often used by London newspapers, NotAMystery “can now reveal” Gordon’s plan.

Part one of the plan was leaked several weeks ago, when the Telegraph reported a new government plan to incentivize recycling:

People will accumulate points for the household waste they recycle and be able to use the points to claim up to £130 a year in vouchers from major retailers like Marks & Spencer and Tesco.

In The USA We'd Call It "Bucks For Bags"

Part two of the plan came clear just two days ago with reports that the UK Treasury is preparing to tax bank bonuses:

Alistair Darling is drawing up plans to face down the country’s top bankers by taking the “nuclear option” of a windfall tax on their bumper bonuses as part of measures aimed at the super-rich.

So there you have it. A tax on the bankers who rubbished the world economy used to finance a rubbish cleanup we can believe in.

If only Robin Hood were around to administer the plan.

Better Than Pitchforks?

After all, he was a Brit too.

Note for accuracy: The “Bucks for Bags” program originated with the Tories, but we are confident Gordon can push them off the front pages and capture the moral high ground.

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