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If It’s So Obvious

Just an observation about a new-to-me turn of phrase.


It seems like every time I see a press conference these days, a not insignificant number of answers begin with the phrase “obviously…”

I think it’s a symptom of what media communication has become. The latest version of political correctness, or perhaps a stab at pro-active legal defense.

It's Obvious David Has Large Hands

Obviously, David Has Large Hands

I don’t recall these specifically, but they could have been actual quotes:

Obviously we Republicans support health care reform.

Obviously bankers should not be taking home so much money.

Obviously the financial industry supports stronger regulation.

Which should lead to the obvious followup question,




2 thoughts on “If It’s So Obvious

  1. David looks like the roofies just kicked in.

    Posted by Ralphie May | August 6, 2009, 5:17 am
    • Hey Ralphie,

      So I looked it up, and “roofie” is:

      Term for Rohypnol, a sedative that was made in the early 1970s by Roche and was used in hospitals only for deep sedation. It is now a fairly infamous date-rape drug. Has also been known to be used recreationally

      How about “pronapping” from:

      The qualities that make propofol a popular sedative also make it a recreational drug for some in the medical profession. It doesn’t show up in standard drug tests in the urine, and with a half-life of only five minutes, it doesn’t leave the user groggy or affect behavior in a way that signals a substance-abuse problem

      There’s just no limit to what you can learn on our blog!


      Posted by Bob Gelber | August 6, 2009, 11:23 am

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