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Not A Great Week For Thinkers, The Wrap

Here are a number of Quotes from the main stream media this week.


This Guy Spent Most of The Week In The Penalty Box

I’m not going to name the people who uttered the following because they would (hopefully) be embarrassed.

The leading cause of death is old age.

This was said in support of the idea that we should take antibiotics or other drugs to slow down the aging process. Next we will be encouraged to think of aging as a disease. Now there’s a way to reduce the cost of  health care!

The problem with corruption is that it works too well.

The idea being that if you have the money for a bribe, the service you receive is better than from a bureaucrat. Probably true, but  misses the point.

The only asset we’ve found that provides diversification is cash.

The recent financial meltdown ravaged all asset classes; one victim being the concept of asset diversification. Now the financial wizards are proclaiming they’ve figured out we need to have some of our assets in cash.

Keep in mind that these statements were not uttered by people with funny clothing standing on a pedestal wearing sign-boards. No, these folks get the the big bucks to clarify life for the rest of us.

If I ever go back to work it’s nice to know that there are opportunities galore.




One thought on “Not A Great Week For Thinkers, The Wrap

  1. You missed your calling, you should have been a prison guard (or “screw” as we called them when I was in the joint). Money galore, all cash, and no one died of old age.

    Posted by Ralphie May | July 13, 2009, 8:16 pm

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