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Pensioners Run Wild

This week from the Daily Telegraph of London, it’s reported that a gang of German Pensioners kidnapped and tortured a financial adviser after he lost their money on a Florida property investment scheme.

Bear Hiding

It's More Than A Bear Market

The adviser was held in the basement of a vacation home, and over a period of four days was burned with cigarettes, beaten, had two of his ribs broken and was hit with a chair leg while chained up “like an animal.”

I was struck. Again and again they threatened to kill me. The fear of death was indescribable. I never thought I would make it out alive…

Sympathy? Perhaps, but for who?

The good news is that this would never happen in the USA. Because our seniors live in practical, single level ranch houses with wide doorways.

No basements here, just solid concrete pads. Breathe easy all you Financial Advisors.



One thought on “Pensioners Run Wild

  1. Your post captures the issue peretfcly!

    Posted by Lexus | February 15, 2012, 1:31 pm

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