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Since Cheaper Is Better, I’ve Up-Sized My Jeans

I know, or at least I’ve been told, that women’s clothing can have sizes that are fungible.

The more expensive the dress, the smaller the size printed on the label.

I was under the impression that when it came to men’s clothing, we played by the rules.

My bad.

A few days ago I was in Sam’s Club and came across a table piled high with jeans. Their private label jeans.

What caught my attention was that the jeans were in neat piles with the sizes showing. This is not the normal state of affairs. Usually the jeans are folded so you can’t see the sizes and they are arranged randomly so that finding a pair that might actually fit is impossible.

But today was my day. And as an extra added bonus i could see that they had jeans in 29″ length, which for me is perfect. Normally the shortest inseam available in jeans is 30″, which sort of works for me, but it’s not great.

So I waded in, looking for a pair of 32″ x 29″ jeans.

Nope, zero, nada.

You would think, I said to myself, that the shortest leg would go with the smallest waist. But no, all I could find was 38″ x 29″. Give me a break, are they only making jeans for short and wide guys? As opposed to big and tall.

But then it dawned on me. Given the (great) pricing, I could go with a bigger waist size than normal!

And sure enough, I finally found one pair sized 34″x29″ that fits me perfectly, just like my normal 32″x29″ standard issue Levis.

I feel fatter, and I’m slightly depressed, but in the end it works for me.

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One thought on “Since Cheaper Is Better, I’ve Up-Sized My Jeans

  1. By looking at my jean size I have determined that I am taller if I lay down. And you thought you were depressed.

    Posted by Bob | February 4, 2010, 12:04 pm

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