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Our WordPress Blog is Free of Malware

As many people who read this blog know, it is hosted by WordPress.com who does all the ‘heavy-lifting’ for us. We just do the content, they provide all the ‘extras’ and host the blog.

Click for NY Times Article on Phil Phister

Some Seriously Heavy Lifting

There have been reports over the past few days that WordPress blogs are spreading a ‘worm’ to people who visit infected sites.

You don’t have to worry about our blog, it is malware free. Because the WordPress organization itself hosts and administers our site it is not vulnerable to this threat.

There is another class of blog which uses WordPress software, but is run and hosted by the person or organization that publishes the blog. Although WordPress fixed the ‘worm’ issue several releases ago, there are some sites that have not up-dated their bogs to the newer software version.

If you’re a propeller-head and want to read more here’s your link.

And by the way, if you want to start your own blog, we whole-heartedly recommend WordPress.com, which, by the way, is free!



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