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Lobbyists Do It In The Dark, Bankers Post It In The Cellar

In a nutshell, the way financial institutions (Big Bank) make their money is by knowing more than the other guy (that would be you). They will famously say that their priority is to serve their customers, and that capitalism depends upon them for the efficient allocation of capital. Also, that they are all in favor … Continue reading

A Very Serious Look At “Assistance”

My father’s name was Jack. When I hear someone say “You don’t know Jack”, I think of him. This coming Saturday, HBO will air a film starring Al Pacino titled, “You Don’t Know Jack”. But it’s not about my dad, it’s the story of Dr. Jack Kervorkian and the end-of-life debate. Last week Anderson Cooper … Continue reading

Respect For The US Senate, Now An Oxymoron

As we approach April 15th., otherwise known as Tax Day, it’s time once again to mention the staggering corruption of the US Senate, the world’s ‘greatest deliberative body’. For well over three years (!) there has been an attempt to get rid of a loophole in the tax code granting hedge fund managers a lower … Continue reading

Children Should Be Taxed And Not Heard

As far as I’m concerned, all babies look like Winston Churchill. I’ve never thought of babies as contributing members of society. But now that’s changed. Parents aren’t just raising adorable kids. They are also producing little human capital units that are likely to grow up, get jobs, pay taxes and raise little human capital units … Continue reading

Health Care Debate Is Not A Pretty Picture, Yet

One problem with our continuing health care debate is a lack of pretty graphs to explain complicated issues. Where is Ross Perot when you need him? Say what you want about the European model of heath care, but you have to concede that they are way ahead of us when it comes to pretty pictures. Take this … Continue reading

Betting Against The House Is Never Smart

Just when it looked like the financial system is coming back under control I discover that the term “Large Sophisticated Investor” is an oxymoron. When you gamble with the Big Dogs, normal practice is that you have to show your stake and throw some money into the pot before each hand. It’s exactly the same thing … Continue reading

Timothy Geithner Doesn’t Have To Take This Bullet

With most of the country blaming Tim Geithner for pretty much anything they don’t like these days, it must be a relief that to find one bullet he doesn’t have to take for the President And that would be the recent security snafu last week where gatecrashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi managed to penetrate the Secret … Continue reading

I’m Really, Really, Financially Anxious

Do you know the difference between angst and anxiety? Here’s a quote from our Definitons page: An airplane crashes into the side of a remote snow-covered mountain; those passengers that worry about their lives without hopes of survival only face anxiety. In contrast, those passengers who worry about their lives with hopes of survival but … Continue reading

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