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Wire Man

It’s hard to believe that Martha Stewart could express what’s in my mind, but so be it.

WTF do I have to carry an extra bag of wires and power bricks when we travel.

Sure I’m honored to carry a Kindle 2 instead of 50 pounds of books.

But even the geniuses at Amazon managed to create a NEW mini-usb plug for their power cord.


While Stewart is known for her focus on home-making skills, some might not know that she is also a bit of a geek, who has been a fixture at many tech events over the years.

For example, she has been an active audience member at the D: All Things Digital conference grilling Sony CEO Howard Stringer about why there had to be so many wires with her devices).

At the 2007 Conference, Stewart, pointedly asked Sony (SNE) Chief Executive Howard Stringer why the power-charging cord for one device couldn’t be swapped for the cord of a different, comparable gadget. “Why can’t that thing be this thing?” she asked Stringer, brandishing an array of chargers, cords, and components.

Stewart had made a “fair point,” conceded Stringer, who sheepishly added that Sony profits from the manufacture of such components—that his company, in effect, was part of the problem.

No kidding…




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