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Rocket Men, An Out of This World Listen

I just finished listening to “Rocket Men: The Epic Story of the First Men on the Moon”. Written by Craig Nelson and read by Richard McGonagle the audible.com edition was published just in time for the 40th anniversary of our first moon landing. It is by far my favorite audible book of the many I’ve “read”. … Continue reading

Separated At Birth, And Now Reunited!

Turns out I’m glad I didn’t buy an iPhone. Because if I had, Nuvi and Tilt would never have been reunited. Those are funny names for a Sister and Brother combo, but in the world of electronics it’s not at all that freakish. You see, Nuvi (on the left)  is the GPS device I purchased … Continue reading

Once The Ship Lifts, All Bills Are Paid

The Credit Card guys have a bunch of algorithms to spot fraud. Supposedly, a sure-fire way to set off alarm bells a few years ago were these charges: A gas tank fillup. Another gas tank fillup. A charge at a Sporting Goods store. The idea was that the stolen card is first used to fill … Continue reading

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