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Gray Ladies Don’t Do Math, But They Can “Click-Bait”

Today’s NY Times coverage of the presidential campaign goes with “Hillary Clinton Widens Lead over Donald Trump in Poll”. Which is interesting, especially when we get to the math. The CNN/ORC poll, released Wednesday morning, shows Mrs. Clinton with 54 percent of respondents’ support, compared with 41 percent for Mr. Trump, a lead that is one percentage point above her showing in … Continue reading

Rupert’s Wall Street Journal Now Channeling Zap Comix

We always get a kick out of subliminal editorializing in news articles thru the use of photos. And in this case Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal really has set a new (low) standard in their coverage of the recent Governors Conference. It appears to me that the WSJ editorial staff selected this picture of California Gov. … Continue reading

Editorial Lite – Byline NY Times

In the past we’ve dinged The Economist for selective use of photos to illustrate a news story; thereby making a subtle editorial statement. The NY Times has done the same in today’s edition to have a little fun with Joe Wilson. You may recall Joe’s 15 minutes of fame when he called President Obama a … Continue reading

Lots Of Ways To Editorialize

It’s a safe bet that this photo of Muammar Qaddafi was not taken by his official photographer. Perhaps the Economist used this photo in their article of Military Coup Leaders to get in a dig at Colonel Qaddafi during the week that Scotland and the UK were taking heat for releasing Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi, the … Continue reading

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